Refer a Friend

Invite friends, earn free data every month, as well as free Pro accounts

Invite your friends to join Windscribe, we'll give you 1GB of data every month for every user you refer. Your friend will also get the same amount of bonus traffic every month. If anyone signs up to a Pro account, you'll also get the same Pro account, for free.

How to get started


Create a Windscribe account if you don't have one


Go to "My Account" at the top, click "Affiliate Program" tab, and send the "Refer a Friend URL" to your friends.


Collect your rewards.


When you invite your friends to join, this is what you get:


Friend creates a free Windscribe account and confirms their email.

Friend also gets +1GB/month

1 Month Pro

Friend pays for 1 month Pro account.

1 Year Pro

Friend pays for 1 year Pro (or more) account.

Only applicable for plans purchased directly on our website (no resellers). Those who abuse the system will be tarred and feathered.

Join the Referral Program

All you need is a Windscribe account

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